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Lockett Analytical Systems is a software and web development company based in the Austin, Texas area.

We offer affordable web development consulting and hosting services, and develop automated and analytical software solutions to empower individuals and optimize businesses.

Web Development

  • Frontend & UI Development
  • Backend Development
  • Deployment and Maintenance
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Website Building/Hosting

  • Wordpress or Processwire CMS
  • Paypal Integration
  • Free consultation and updates
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Software Development

  • Design & Development
  • Test Automation
  • Deployment & Support
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Whether you need a mobile-friendly design, an e-commerce website, a full-fledged web application, or have an existing site or web application that requires maintenance, modernization, or automated testing, we can help.

To achieve this, we communicate with you regularly for project requirements and feedback to ensure that the finished product is designed to specification and meets all of your expectations.

Through a development process that is characterized by elegant design and driven by comprehensive testing, we strive to deliver optimal quality.

"You're one of the most capable web developers I've met. I know a few others, but in comparison to what I'm seeing here, they only dabble."

– Desmond Darko, Creative Director


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