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What We've Done and What We're Doing

This past month has been largely characterized by continued brainstorming with respect to bridging unstructured natural language processing and the current architecture of the Fadela Project. While this isn't necessarily a challenge when provided structured training sets to analyze, bootstrapping comprehension from an empty knowledge base and perhaps just a handful of reserve words to offer the bare minimum context is a far more formidable hurdle.

With respect to more concrete developments, we have been carrying out some UI development consulting work for a startup since late January, as well as expanding our unit tests.

Challenges and Solutions

The greatest challenge we've faced over the course of this past month has been sticking to the program – that being, the to-do list and regular checklists that constitute our operations – even during (or at least after) the unanticipated temporary illness of key personnel, myself in particular, that may get in the way. With respect to this, however, discipline alone may be the key.