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What We've Done and What We're Doing

Between December and March, we lent our web development experience to a small Tennessee-based art/multimedia startup. With the finishing touches applied a few weeks ago, March saw the launch of their first release. Coinciding with this event, they gave their first webinar to engage with the public, offering a shout-out to us as part of the presentation for our contributions. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with them.

We are also currently in the early iterations of a small new social media website. Details will be made available as the project develops, but what can be said is that while the development of the web application stack itself has not been the most trivial undertaking, the demands of coordinating with the team, gathering and processing user feedback, and promoting growth with respect to regular visitors has been quite the eye opening experience.

With these projects at the forefront, unstructured learning has taken somewhat of a backseat, though we have identified the next iteration goal with respect to the first release reflecting the brainstorming we have undergone the past several months. Deadlines have been delayed, and we hope to resume progress and improve the momentum of the Fadela Project this coming quarter.

Challenges and Solutions

Illness struck once again this past month, and with such ferocity that discipline itself could not maintain progress. The best that can be hoped for, then, is the discipline to make the most of available time in between roadblocks of this nature.

This month – and indeed quarter – has also seen unacceptable levels of procrastination. The ongoing demands of a full time job in addition to this organization's operations has often led to mental fatigue. The seeming solution to this is to explore ways to refresh the mind after work, and of course, to better manage time.