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MAY 2016

What We've Done and What We're Doing

This month, we're pleased to announce our formation as Lockett Analytical Systems, LLC.

Lockett Analytical Systems offers software and web development consulting services, and in the process, aims to identify, research, and develop automated and analytical software solutions for both individuals and organizations. Accordingly, we have prepared a catalog of our services, which we soon plan to make available on this site as part of a comprehensive overhaul.

Our first project as a company was the creation of an in-house project management system, which will give us flexibility with respect to functionality as well as maximum control over the data generated by our operations. Functional enough for production within hours of starting, we are constantly refining it and expanding its functionality.

In order to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, we have been working tirelessly to expand our network and build relationships. We are also striving to learn as much as we can about the first target industry we aim to serve.

Business matters aside, theorizing continued with the Fadela project this month, in which we settled on a definitive strategy (and compromise) for bootstrapping unstructured learning, which we will report on soon. All that remains is the exploration and resolution of the potential caveats associated.

The Challenge

Above the diverse array of challenges in managing and building a brand new business from the ground up, the single greatest challenge that lies before us is reconciling the need for revenue and profitability in the form of viable products and services with the scatterbrained and esoteric nature of our research projects and the quirky and borderline-whimsical spirit that has traditionally characterized our vision.