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APRIL 2017

What We've Done and What We're Doing

Much has occurred since our legal formation nearly a year ago.

At the suggestion of our Operations Manager, brought on shortly thereafter, we made the decision to offer not just software and web development consulting services, but also website hosting services with complementary support and development. With respect to this, we aim to develop specialized services catering to all industries, and are currently focusing on developing web solutions for the realty sector.

We recently released version 0.2.1 of Fadela, which has introduced new language functionality aiming to help facilitate unstructured natural language processing, simplified data structures (with a modest trade-off of performance with respect to computational complexity), increased modularity, and an array of unit tests. Promoting a test-driven development philosophy has significantly decreased time costs with respect to recent developments within the project, and we aim to extend it to all of our projects moving forward.

Challenges and Solutions

This fall, we experienced data loss affecting primarily our project management system and internal documentation and experimental projects, though our cloud assets, code repositories, and most vital documentation remain intact. Since then, we have revised our operations to prioritize backup and preservation of data and assets.

That aside, coordinating our small team – each member with his or her own extensive personal obligations – has proven to be an extraordinary challenge. Our bottom line with respect to dealing with this is regular communication, both within the team and with clients, a practice which will continue to be promoted at all costs. This has also spurred the need for automated solutions wherever possible to cover whatever does not specifically require human oversight.