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JUNE 2017

What We've Done and What We're Doing

As planned, we have compiled assorted checklists and related documentation to help guide us through different operations in the coming quarter, which will be further refined with time.

With respect to software development, we've expanded our unit tests, particularly revolving around Fadela and the redevelopment of our project management system. Furthering our goal of automating our infrastructure, we have developed tools to keep our hosted sites up-to-date, and the data of these sites and other remote assets preserved.

Our networking continued, and we were offered an assortment of pointers from a seasoned digital marketing consultant revolving around refining our presence and expanding our reach. An overhaul is in the works and will be deployed in the near future.

Toward the end of this month, we were pitched a joint project development proposal. We are currently assessing its viability and exploring different approaches to the problem it is intended to solve.

Challenges and Solutions

Staff availability was especially spotty this month. In the absence of readily available perspectives within our team to help make decision-making and brainstorming less one-sided, our progress is at risk of slow feedback cycles. Empiricism through data analysis and decisiveness through well-defined processes, then, must take the front seat and we will strive to better leverage them to drive decision making.