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JULY 2017

What We've Done and What We're Doing

This month saw the beginning of the latest website overhaul, better reflecting the recommendations of our digital marketing adviser. This overhaul is most readily apparent on our home page, and will make its way to the other sections of the site over the course of this coming month.

Accompanying this overhaul was the introduction of the blog section (as distinguished from the more informal development blog for the Fadela Project), and our inaugural article. It aims to offer useful information, and illustrate lessons we've learned from projects, the industry, and from the business itself.

Fadela v0.2.2's development this month was characterized by primarily expansion of unit tests and making better use of encapsulation as part of an ongoing push for better modularity in its design.

Challenges and Solutions

Staff availability remained spotty this month, but not so much where useful input wasn't available. Nevertheless, as intended in last month's report, we have begun to make inroads into data experimentation and analysis as a substitute and supplement to staff feedback.